Christmas comes to everyone- even if you live in a drain.

I was doing it tough when I found my soulmate, a wretched feline that emerged from a drain on Christmas day 2011. I’d stayed at home, miserable and wishing I had something greater in life to celebrate on a day that used to mean so much.

When I first moved out of home from the country to study in the city, I imagined I’d make it home for the holidays. But I’d lose my job if I took too much time off. Little did I know I’d find the spirit of Christmas giving at an emergency vet. Moorabbin has a great vet practise, thankfully!

Sitting on my front porch, my prayers for distraction were answered, they came in the form of a gray matted mess that emerged from the stormwater drain.

I coaxed her out with canned salmon. She gulped back huge chunks as clouds of fleas leapt about in her matted fur. She was bony, worn out and had lots of war wounds. I searched for animal hospitals in Moorabbin that would take a look at her.

Over the space of the next few days, my mind was completely relieved of the relentless Christmas theme, I focused on saving my new friend. By Boxing day, preferring the cool  slate tiles in the kitchen, she tripped back and forth to check if I’d added something to her food bowl.

On the 28th, I scooped her into the travel cage I bought at a second hand shop and took her on an adventure to the vet. It was a revealing assessment. A microchip told us that she,actually a he, belonged to a family in Fawkner, in the city’s north. No idea how she’d come so far, but sadly she, or he, rather, was going back.

I said goodbye to my festive friend that day. Though sad, I was happy to have had someone to help and something to do at a time that looked pretty tough to navigate. Anyone that acts like animals can’t be our friends is kidding themselves. That cat made Christmas bearable for me.

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