Kid Sister Cut

Teenage sisters: can’t live with ‘em, can’t make yourself appear comparatively functional without ‘em. I’m joking – Katy is alright, when it comes down to it. At least, she’s not more mad than any other 17 year old.

In a spirit of big sisterly generosity, I’ve agreed to her request to shout her a haircut at David Jones. Melbourne department stores come equipped with high-end salons now; who knew? Anyway, this’ll be her birthday present so I’m happy to shell out for it. It’s also kind of a big deal on account of the fact that Katy has refused haircuts since she was 8. As a result, her hair is exceedingly long (as you can imagine).

Unusual, non? I can’t remember how it started. Dad reckons it was after she received a haircut that she detested from an extremely rude hairdresser. If I was aware of this event – which I probably wasn’t, given that I’d have been a self-absorbed teen at the time – I would have found it hilarious and concluded that Katy deserved it.

Mum has a different version of events. She claims that Katy had seen a horse with a particularly magnificent mane while we were camping in the high country, and vowed that she’d have hair like that one day. As for Katy, says she can’t recall making a straight-up decision on the matter. She says it just happened, and then increasingly became ‘her thing’ to the point that she felt she had to stick with it.

These days in Melbourne, hairdressing and colouring techniques are having a bit of an explosion, and I think Katy’s feeling a bit stylistically… well, 8 years old. I’m keen to see what the result is, actually. Maybe I’ll finally see Katy as someone who’s getting closer to being a grown-up.

As much as she’s a pain in the neck, I do look forward to having an adult relationship with this girl. Then I can make fun of her over cocktails.

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