Mech Suits Solve Our Cooling Needs

I’ve always said that the next great innovation of mankind will be humongous mechanised exoskeletons. I don’t see any reason why it WOULDN’T be so. They’d give us practically every single benefit that humans naturally do not have, such as greatly-increased strength, mobility and of course, cup holders. I know you could probably say that humans naturally have cup holders (called ‘hands’) but I would call you crazy because the whole point of a cup holder is that your hands are free to do…other things. Like driving, or golf, or playing the harp in front of a Scandinavian monarch. It’s thirsty business, playing the harp. The thirstiest.

Just imagine, though. A world where we all have personal exoskeletons, and that’s just how all our personal and public business is conducted. Now, I know we’ll need some kind of cooling system, or if you will, air conditioning. Perth companies know that sort of thing will have to be adapted, but that’s okay because once they do it’ll be a massive source of business for them. Instead of having air conditioning installed in people’s homes, and to some degree cars, they’ll instead be installing air con in people’s personal robot suits. Those things will have the potential to overheat, so cooling won’t just be a luxury; it’ll be a NECESSITY. In fact, Perth air conditioner services will take off like nothing else, since robot suits will be ubiquitous and everyone is going to need cooling all year round. Even in winter those things are start to heat up if you’re doing some light robot jogging, or cage fighting. 

I’m telling you, be prepared. Prepare yourself, ordinary citizens. Prepare yourselves, people who do air conditioning repairs in Perth and everywhere else. The robot suit revolution is coming…and it’ll be bringing conveniences the likes of which the world has never seen. At the very least it’ll be nice to be a few inches taller. 


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