This is a surprise garden landscaping

Whenever I see a house that is covered by an over growing garden, or surrounded by rusty cars, I wonder what the people inside are like. I wondered whether they are just lazy, or whether they’re happy living without a care. Surely no one would enjoy having a messy unkempt garden. I was sitting in my lounge room watching television when I noticed a van with landscapers signage pull up at the messy house across the street. A young couple had lived in the house across the road for about two years. Although, if you were to drive past their house, you would assume it was abandoned or derelict. No one ever believes my parents when they tell them two young people live there. That’s why it was such a surprise to see the landscaping truck pull up.

The men from the Melbourne North landscaping company were helping each other carry large plants from truck to the backyard. As I moved closer to the window, I could see the truck was full to the brim with plants and flowers of all shapes and sizes. I had absolutely no idea what was happening. Had the young couple moved? Were they now broken up and the girl was making the garden nice? None of my questions could be answered without me going over there and investigating.

I watched the house all afternoon for clues, it’s occupants were spending a lot of time in the back garden. I couldn’t see the young girl at all, but her boyfriend was out the front moving bags of soil. The best I could come up with was that he was surprising his partner with some surprise garden landscaping. I have heard them arguing about the state of the garden sometimes when I’m on my nightly walk around the neighbourhood. I hope he’s putting in new concrete pavers. Melbourne North is going to be a lot quieter if he is indeed getting the garden fixed up. I bet the rest of the street will be thankful not to hear yelling at all hours of the night.

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