We’re buying a home!

We didn’t expect things to move at such a pace when we made the decision to buy our first home. Having expected to remain renters for at least another year, I felt completely out of my depth when Frances said she’d found a place that we’d be stupid not to look at.

We had been hardcore fans of our community, having started up quite a few projects and groups in the area close to where we lived. Both of us felt it was important to stay as local to our rented property as possible.

Frances hadn’t been joking about finding something that fit that bill- she’d spotted a house in the same street, just at the opposite end of our haunt.

To say it had been overwhelming for me was an understatement. I gauged Frances’ excitement as something to go with, but I knew the process of buying a home could be really stressful. I’d been searching online for Melbourne companies that do conveyancing and trying to find the perfect organisation to manage property transfers in Melbourne as soon as I saw her enthusiasm.

Having seen my dad resell his home had been a real ordeal. I hadn’t had great experiences with buying a property and everything that came with it. Besides the actual sale, the conveyancing and property transfers worried me. But I needn’t have spent myself on those concerns.

I agreed with Frances that the home was absolutely perfect. We had no concerns about the location, the size, and the condition of the home- after the first inspection, we both wanted to call it ours.

The business I’d landed on during my hunt for property transfers in Melbourne had been great to talk to, and now that we’d jumped in the deep end, was glad I’d found someone who specialised in conveyancing to refer to and take the pressure off. With the auction set for the weekend after next, I’m excited – more than worried about what might go wrong. Fingers crossed!

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