Wonderous pet surgeons

This thing is still looking at me. I’m trying to work here, and it’s just…sitting there. Staring at me with its big eyes. It wants something.

Heck if I know; my wife is the one into dogs. My wife is the one who brought this thing home yesterday without even asking me, saying that they found a box of abandoned puppies on the doorstep at her work and her heart broke when she saw how cute they were. Alright, this little thing is cute; I’m not heartless. But I’ve always been…weird about dogs. Also, I’m the one at home all day, so I don’t feel like Zoe really thought this one through.

Did you know that you have to pay for the vet? I do. With how much this country loves their pets, you’d think that they’d have developed some sort of doggy Medicare, but no. Zoe took him to a desexing vet in Moorabbin on the way home, to get the…well, you know. To get that done, and all the other shots. Here’s me wondering why she was late home from work, and that’s all going on. ‘Hey hon, gonna be about an hour late, got a surprise for you!’

Not ‘Hey hon, adopted a dog, didn’t tell you. Just getting his shots at the vet before I come home and turn our lives upside down. Also could you take the pork chops out of the freezer? See you soon!’

Yep, still looking at me. Probably wants more pork scraps. And look, I’m not heartless. Part of the reason I resisted getting a dog before was because we’d be leaving it all day, and now I work from home. So if he starts choking, or next door’s cat bullies him a little bit too much, I can whisk him off to the pet surgery in the Bayside area and he won’t have to wait. But for now, he’s Zoe’s dog. She made the decision, so she can take him to the vet at 3am when he’s being sick, or he’s hurt his paw. His adorable little paws.

Oh, and…now he’s crawled onto my lap. Guess I’ll give his ears a scratch, but ONLY because it’ time for a break anyway. Just a little scratch on his ears His soft little ears…

Definitely still Zoe’s dog though.


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