A Few Really Great Memories

I do love a good ghost story. In fact, I think everyone loves a good ghost story if you really get down to it. That’s what makes me want to start planning for Halloween, right now.

I know, 2017 isn’t even over yet! But I have ideas, and I’m not just going to sit on them for an entire year. I never had anything really momentous happen when I was a kid. My parents didn’t have the money to take me to play centres, or big birthday party venues. Our Christmases were always really quiet. We never went on holiday. Mum and Dad worked really hard and I’ll never begrudge what they did, but I still want to make sure my kids have LOADS of stuff to remember.

Christmas is sorted, obviously. Helps that Joanna has her birthday so close to the season. We found her a great birthday party venue for kids in Carrum Downs that we didn’t even know existed. Apparently it’s some kind of hotspot. Who knew? Anyway, I know I don’t work there, and they probably have their own plans for Christmas, and they probably run their OWN parties. But I can’t help it. I have ideas, and I want every single event involving my kids to be bombastic and amazing. I want them to reach old age and still remember the amazing parties that their old man was throwing them.

I just feel like I’ve been through life and I haven’t built up any real memories. No traveling, obviously. It’s taken me this long to just be able to make my kids’ lives this exciting. Just really want to give them something I didn’t have, you know? The one thing I can’t provide is a massive indoor play centre near Carrum Downs. Those climbing frames just wouldn’t fit into ANY of the rooms in our house. Still, at least there’s a play centre in our neighbourhood. Useful for all kinds of shenanigans.


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