Eye Need Renovations

The eye in Roger’s sink blinked up at him expectantly. Roger only pressed a hand to his face, scratching away at the thick brown moustache he was so familiar with. For the first time in as many decades as he could count on one hand, he was actually surprised. Maybe it was his severe lack … [Read more…]

Sandra’s Car Lament

How long has it been since I felt the comfort of knowing I was well taken care of?  How many weeks have I wilted away in the garage? My suspension rusting, metal corroding and the very engine inside me crying out for a replacement car battery. I worry about the seasons trickling past in the … [Read more…]

Temperate Alliance

In the ever-shifting world of Canberraland, two houses had long held sway, each championing their own cause. House Coolwind, with their breezy solutions, sought refuge from the sweltering summers, while House Warmflame combated the frosty winters with fervour. But the true essence of Canberraland was neither in the chilling embrace of winter nor the fiery … [Read more…]

Beautiful Rose Practice

We’re back on the beautifully rose-laden circuit for practice day at the Australian Grand Prix in MF1. As our mini machines screech across the sprawling map of Australia, strategies are unfolding, the engines are roaring, and the air is thick with excitement, punctuated by the sweet scent of Roses Australia’s finest blooms. Straight off the … [Read more…]

Adelaide Car Arrival

Buckle up, race fans! We’ve reached the final stop of The Amazing Car Race: the Adelaide Arrival! Our very own Brian, the underdog turned top contender, rolls into the heart of Adelaide. However, in a heartbreaking twist, his beloved lemon sputters and stalls just shy of the finish line. Is this the end of the … [Read more…]

Buyer’s Agent Three

As a busy professional, I knew that finding the perfect home in Melbourne would be a daunting task. With limited time and knowledge of the local real estate market, I decided to enlist the help of the best buyer’s agent Melbourne had to make the process smoother and more efficient. After conducting thorough research, I … [Read more…]

Exhaust rumbles

                  I can’t ignore this anymore. I’ve been hearing a loud rumbling noise coming from my car for the last four weeks! It’s honestly been getting worse by the day. I’ve ignored it this whole time because if there’s one thing I know about loud noises coming … [Read more…]

Home maintenance

              I’ve lived in my house for the last four years. It’s truly amazing how things can really get out of hand without active maintenance. The other day I was walking through my house and noticed so many things that needed fixing. My shelves were crooked, door knobs were … [Read more…]

Tattoos of Thrones

Today has been a particularly hard day for me. It is a day that reminds me of one of the greatest heartbreaks of my entire life. It was a tragedy, one that still fills me with unfathomable rage to this day, years after its occurrence. You see, today sees the release of a spin-off television … [Read more…]

The Video Ad

Are you sick of being treated like hot trash by the Conclave of Mechanists? Tired of crossing the street wrong and having an entire hoard of angry robots chase after you for it? Have you lost loved ones to the terrifying machines of the Conclave? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you … [Read more…]