Beauty Treatments Are Just Nuts

Don’t know what it is about beauty treatments, but every time I hear about them I can’t help thinking of that Bob Marley song. You know the one, it’s about Buffalos. No idea what the connection is there. Good song, though…

So my GF is doing a beauty course. Yeah, cool, good for her, so long as she doesn’t suggest that I come in and act as a model, because that is one line I refuse to cross. I have my dignity, and not that there’s anything WRONG with eye shadow or whatever, but it’s just not meant for my eyes. They’re shadowy enough from how little I sleep, thanks very much.  I’m okay with her talking about it though, partially because I’m an attentive partner, and partially because some of the stuff she comes out with sounds really sci-fi. Like, she’ll travel to Ballarat for permanent eyebrow makeup and laser hair removal. LASERS. Laser beams are actually used in beauty treatments and I cannot wrap my head around it. And then you’ve got eyebrow tattooing, because just trimming and doing that thing where you get the little brush and make them…darker I guess? Yeah, that’s not enough. Let’s tattoo you some eyebrows that look fabulous all the time. She was learning how to do that stuff last week, so who knows what she’ll come back looking like after a while. Probably like a perfect supermodel. Oh, and I checked…it’s not just a service for people who don’t naturally have eyebrows and want to have them tattooed on. It’s a legit thing that just makes your eyebrows look amazing. Fleek, you might say, if you were thirteen, which I’m not.

I guess all industries have been making advances, not just electronic gadgets and cars. People keep coming up with new and better ways of doing things. But man, seriously, you can go to Melbourne, anti wrinkle injections clinic. It’s like some kind of youth formula! Beauty science is mad.

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