Clearing Out Termites: Not So Easy

I’m seriously going to need therapy after this, but I guess I’ll have enough money to make it worth it. At least…I’m hoping I have enough. I didn’t apply to be on this game show for FUN. It’s all about the fame and glory and potential girlfriend opportunities.

It’s so HARD though. The show, in case you’ve been living under a rock where you can’t get signal for channel 82, is called ‘Jack of All Trades’. Each week a bunch of contestants- of which I am a proud member- are sent out to do a job that usually requires months or even years of training, and the one who makes the least mess of things gets the points.

Not that I can say much while we’re filming- it all goes out after the competition wraps up- but for the first week we were put in the shoes of a Berwick pest control expert and sent into a supposedly haunted mansion. I don’t think it actually is, but you know the things these television people do to amp up the drama. And while it might not have been infested with ghosts, it certainly WAS infested with termites. With professional pest control people watching to make sure we didn’t bring the building down, all the contestants were given the necessary tools and told to make the mansion pest-free.

Wow, this job can be quite the challenge. I don’t think I’ll ever call in termite inspection services and critique them ever again, because there’s SO much more to the job than you’d think. I ran in guns blazing, thinking I’d just spray inside the walls and all the termites would go away. But nay! The professional had to step in and say that my current strategy was going to bring the old, decrepit staircase down and destroy the structure. And then a chandelier nearly fell on my head because CAROL is gung-ho.

Even with the termite inspection¬†keeping us from serious harm, we found the job almost impossible. Much respect for those professionals in pest control. Dandenong¬†is much safer with people like that watching for white ants. I feel like that’s going to be a theme as the competition moves forward.


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