Filming In Progress

When my sister mentioned in passing that she was having a film crew over, I thought her house had been discovered by location scouts or something. Would they be working on a cop show? An indie flick? Perhaps an ad for stain remover? I wanted to know, so I casually popped over to check out the action.

Well, turns out my excitement was misplaced. The film crew in question was there to install UV-protective window tinting, which apparently comes in the form of an adhesive film that sits over the glass. I suppose I should have known that my sensible sister would never be up to anything as unpredictable as having a bunch of strangers over to rearrange her stuff. Boring!

Still, I did manage to glean an idea or two for the latest office renovation project I’ve been saddled with at work. The task is to improve our visibility through commercial decorative window installation. Melbourne, I’m told, is a good place in which to take advantage of ‘curbside appeal’, and it seems we’re not currently doing that with our signage. Did I say boring? Well, I meant to.

Point is, perhaps this window film stuff is the solution. Maybe that’s totally obvious, but how would I know? I’ve never given windows a second thought, in all honesty. Granted, I kind of like the idea of adding some decorative coverage to the ones at the office, if only because passers by are always gawking in through the window. We could do with the privacy.

What’s that sandblasted look called again? Like a frosted glass effect. Melbourne pedestrians are seriously some of the most nosy I’ve ever encountered (fight me on this), so incorporating some of that semi-opaque frosting stuff into the signage could solve two problems in one.

I might not have had my brush with the film industry (at least, not the one I had in mind), but I have a pretty good idea now of how to leverage my office’s street frontage to best effect while blocking out prying eyes.

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