Fitouts, for A More Friendly Atmosphere

I don’t know who this mystery musician is, and perhaps we never will. She’ll just be an effervescent, mythical figure in our office history, a generous and unknowable spirit who graced us from on high with her ethereal presence before possibly flitting off to some other part of the world where her wonderful talents were needed most.

In any case, the office looks great. It’s really strange how a familiar space can become TOO familiar, to the point where you think it can’t change. In fact, I’d never give a second thought to people doing office renovations in the Melbourne CBD. They existed, perhaps, but it could never happen here. This was a place of work and industry, not fun and beanbags, and soft guitar music wafting through the hallways. And yet, we came in on Monday morning to find that the whole place had transformed. The break room is no longer a place of beige utility; instead, we have a selection of wacky appliances, and dinosaur wallpaper. We work whilst sitting on the aforementioned beanbags, and our daily routine has been invigorated by the exercise and yoga area in the corner.

It’s like a totally different workplace, and we even do casual Fridays now! People smile and greet each other, they go out for drinks and movies, and I never thought any of it was possible. It’s all thanks to that mysterious musical stranger. Perhaps we should erect some sort of monument, in recognition of the great and wonderful changes that were made to our fair office. Unfortunately we don’t know what she looks like; all we have is a recording of her winning song, entitled ‘UGHHHHHH’. It’s beautiful, in a guttural sort of way.

I just wish every office could experience these premium office fitouts. Melbourne would be a more productive, happier place to work. Well, I say ‘productive’…we now talk about movies more than we should. But it’s better than 100% work efficiency whilst miserable.


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