Giving Up the Brunch for Greater Things

All those years of avocados and lattes…who knew my brunch obsession would be the one main factor in me not being able to buy my own home? I’m still trying to decide it was worth it, all those years of delicious brunches with my indulgent friends. They certainly were wonderful, although their pleasure was fleeting. If I owned a home, the success would be surrounding me every single day, from the moment when I awoke all the way to coming home from my reasonably-paying job.

No matter. Even in this harsh economic climate, there are options for foolish millennials such as I. People in Melbourne, conveyancers and financial advisors, all to help with the smooth transition of the buying process. Of course, funds are still an issue…but there are other people for that sort of thing. And I could always just save for the next thirty years until I have a deposit. Hopefully things don’t get any worse!

Conveyancing does fascinate me, however. It’s not something we learned about in school, and never having bought my own home, I’m not entirely familiar with what they do. Perhaps if I’d spent some time researching all facets of home buying instead of sleeping late and meeting up with my sluggard friends for endless brunch and endless use of our mobile communication devices, I would know these things. Well, that’s my new resolution. None of my friends seem to care, content as they are to rent all their lives. I’ll just have to be the responsible one, who leads all the others to understanding. I’ll learn all about Melbourne’s property conveyancing, and all other services. Knowing is half the battle. The other half is a hefty lump sum to use as a deposit.


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