Got to Get that Brain Working Hard

It’s come to my attention that…there’s a lot I don’t know about the world. Can’t blame everything on school, although maybe, like…a history lesson would’ve been nice. We didn’t even do history in school except for one subject in Year 8, and even then we just learned about Australian history.

So when I made it onto ‘Ultimate Smart Person’, Melbourne’s most popular TV quiz show, I had no idea how unprepared I would be. I stumbled from the very beginning, fumbling an easy one about the date of American independence. After that it was just one humiliating question after another. I didn’t know the name of the thing that happens to wine to make it into wine. Forgot the capital of Hungary. And then my final question was to give a brief summary of the conveyancing and settlement business.

Say what now?? Okay, that one I wouldn’t expect to learn from school, but I still feel like I should’ve known about it. I’m an adult now. I’m thinking of buying my own home, so I need to know the role of conveyancers. Instead, I made myself look like a total dunce in front of my entire city, and beyond. So while my friends are never letting me live this down, I need to be learning. Like, my current level of knowledge isn’t good enough. I need to start on the ground level, maybe re-learn my times tables and work up to country capitals. And then, conveyancing. Hey, if I’m going to do something as complicated and drawn-out as saving for a home, I might as well get the appropriate knowledge. Maybe…I don’t know, there could be a conveyancing place in Brighton that’ll be happy to explain what they do. Then I could be the one impressing people at parties with my breadth of knowledge, rather than screwing up on quiz shows. I could’ve used a free car, but maybe knowledge is enough to make up for it.


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