Gotta love the landlord

I was dreading last weekend. Whenever the time comes to call on the landlord for some home repairs, my insides fill with dread. If something goes wrong, like the ancient hot water system dies or the 30-year-old oven decides to call it quits, I know that I’ll be going to work the next day not having showered and feeling rather hungry. Landlords are notorious for neglecting rental repairs until the situation is absolutely dire, and even then the tenants have to call like thirty times before a repairman will consider taking their time to come over. So when the window in our front room fell out the other day I was expecting the worst.

I could not believe how quickly the landlord sent out a company for aluminium window repairs. Melbourne is a pretty safe city but I was still a bit worried about security, what with that empty window frame sitting there like an open invitation for robbers and hoodlums. I also spoke to the landlord in person. I had rehearsed all of these reasons why the window falling out was not my fault (it wasn’t!) because in my past experiences landlords try to blame you for all the damages to the home just so they can milk you for everything you’re worth. But the landlord was so understanding and didn’t once try to pin it all on me. He told me that the windows were really old and the seal was probably just damaged from years of exposure and sunshine. You cannot imagine my relief!

My opinion of landlords really changed after that sash window replacement. Melbourne is not all full of cut-throat landlords after your hard-earned dosh. While many landlords have had everything handed to them on a silver platter and as a result have a sense of entitlement, I guess there are others who are sincere hard-working people just like the rest of us. Thank you, Mr. Landlord, and I look forward to future renting with you.

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