Gumboots and Glass

The shop is starting to looking super stylish now. Gumboots aren’t the easiest product to merchandise, but I think we’re getting somewhere. Come winter, everyone and their dog is going to be hanging out for pair of ethically manufactured rain boots sporting reproductions of work by local street artists.

A recent challenge was realising, a couple of weeks ago, that the type of glass display shelves we were hoping to order in aren’t on the market as a ready-to-go fitting. After giving it some thought, we decided to work together with a glazier to get some custom shelves happening.

Commercial glazing services, as it turns out, are just what we need to get the whole joint aligned with the look we have in mind. The new glass doors we ended up splashing out on look much less clinical than the old ones, and our glass display units are tailored precisely to the dimensions of the space. The whole effect is light and just a little bit futuristic, which is exactly the vibe we’re going for.

The next step is replacing the old handrails on the staircase up to the office; matching these to the new glass fittings in the shop front is definitely in order. Should we go for a glass balustrade, Melbourne? Or some kind of statement in polished chrome? One way or another, we’re establishing a high-end retail environment here, so everything has to be just so. I’m leaning towards the glass – it’s got that hi-tech look without being too retro space-age about it.

If the balustrade is going to be made from glass, it’s going to have to be custom cut, as the staircase is slightly curved. I don’t know the first thing about glass-cutting, but I’m fairly confident that a skilled glazier will be able to manage it. It’s going to cost us a bit, no doubt, but it’s important that our shop makes a clear statement that these aren’t just any old gumboots.

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