Hats, Shade, Elephants

Why don’t animals wear hats more often? This was the main question keeping me up last night. Usually there are a few, but this one in particular really stuck in my brain as being of particular significance. It’s not like they can all rely on their fur; some animals don’t even have that. There are those cats that don’t have any fur or…anything, really. They need hats for when they go outside, otherwise they’ll get sunburned like the rest of us.

Then again, elephants don’t wear hats and they’re outside all day. Must be what you’re used to. Like, we’re so blessed with air conditioning, Canberra  would be unbearable without it. None of us can really remember what it was like to have to work or do life in a room that isn’t air conditioned. Whereas elephants are just out there in the hot African sun, all day, and they don’t seem bothered. No one is starting petitions to get elephants some air con. Oh gosh…should I be starting petitions to get some air con to the elephants? This could be the petition of a generation, and I could be the one to start it. Imagine…me…

But then, I’ve seen documentaries where they just roll around in the mud to keep cool, or go for a nice dip in crocodile-infested waters, so maybe this isn’t as necessary as I’m thinking.

Cats don’t need air con either; they just mooch off ours. Dogs do the same thing, and both have fur, so…whatever. So, my mission is to find an animal that has neither a hat nor access to air conditioning, and see if the world can be made a little bit better by providing them access.

We have so much, here in Canberra. Air con services around every corner, at the touch of a button. It’s time we gave something back to the animals in need.