Heating Struggles


As some of you may know, two years ago we welcomed our gorgeous daughter. She has been going through all her milestones such as walking and talking. About seven months ago my wife and I decided it was time to give our little girl a sibling. A month later we were pregnant with our second child! What an exciting time! My wife’s pregnancy with our first child spanned over the summer and it was such a struggle for her. She was constantly hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable – and that’s not to mention all the extra baby weight she was carrying around. I really did feel for her, especially when the weather was reaching mid-thirties to forty degrees. This time around we wanted to see if we could time for the majority of her pregnancy for winter. We’re very happy to say that we succeeded and now we’re expecting a baby in three months time. 

This pregnancy wasn’t as easy as we thought it would be. It turns out pregnancies can be uncomfortable and difficult no matter what the season is. It probably didn’t help that we had problems with air in the central heating system. Air in the central heating system might sound like a strange concept. Basically what I mean is bubbles appear when I fill my radiator with water. I don’t entirely know what’s happening or if it is anything bad but it did make my wife and I panic that the heater was emitting air that was toxic and could adversely harm us or our baby. 

I couldn’t let my wife shiver all through the winter though, no matter how many blankets she was wrapping around herself. I ended up calling someone who could perform heating repairs. Melbourne can get quite cold, especially at night, and I didn’t want my wife to go through another pregnancy dealing with unbearable temperatures. Luckily the problem was resolved quickly and we were able to get back to nice warm days and cozy nights just by turning on our heater.

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