Help Finding The Perfect Home

No one wants to buy houses that are on fire. That’s just…a fact. Imagine you’re a fresh-faced new home buyer. You’ve been saving up for years to buy your first home in somewhere nice, like Brighton. Conveyancers are at the ready, because you’ve done your research, read all the newspaper articles, you have wise parents who’ve taught you well and you want to do everything right the first time. You’re creating a legacy. Something you can hand to the children you’re going to have someday. This house will be fully paid off by the time you’re forty, so you can see the children off to uni and go and have cruises in the Bahamas on a ship full of people at least twenty years your senior who’ll spend the entire time wondering how you can afford it. Maybe you’ll but an investment property along the way, because you’re just that organised.

But then you show up to view the dream home you’ve been perusing online. You’ve done the research, everything seems fine and you just can’t wait to walk through and pick out the baby’s room, where Grandma’s old couch is going to go and mentally plan where you’re playing those petunia bulbs, because you finally have a garden of your very own and the sea air is going to turn it into a thing of beauty.

Except now the house is on fire. Like, you show up and the estate agent is outside with their mouth hanging open, because they checked the house yesterday and it definitely wasn’t on fire then. Oh, this isn’t their fault. It’s not the fault of the conveyancer, because they’ve been great with organising the paperwork thus far. Very professional. No, this was the current homeowner, who just had to add that extra log to the fire and burn down your dream home before you’ve even bought it.

The search continues, I guess. I suppose we still have our quality conveyancers. Mentone is nice this time of year. I mean, it’s not like this is going to happen twice.

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