Helping a neighbour with his pool fence

Most of the time I am worried about having my work missed or not being able to do a good enough job for my superiors. This however, is me simply using the tools I have available to me to help out someone in need, in this case my neighbour Wilson. We’ve been neighbours for over twenty years and have always been great friends. We’d spend Friday nights together watching the football and having a few drinks. He was the kind of guy you could always count on if you needed a cup of sugar or a shoulder to cry on.  

Wilson he recently got a new pool based on my recommendations. I have been making fun of his kid pool for years so this seemed like the next logical step up. Anyway, he also asked me for some help regarding the glass pool fencing in Melbourne, which he needed to get an installer for. He said he some sort of idea about the type, but nothing beyond that.

I was more than happy to roll up my sleeves for him, as he has done for me many times, and go looking online for the best pool fence installation he could get. I was able to find it, through sheer determination, plus it was super obvious. There really was a clear winner when it came down to it, and calling them up on the phone and making a booking was super easy.

He, being Wilson, was then left trying to figure out what colour and/or style to choose, from the range of options available. He was leaning towards a glass pool fence as it meant that it didn’t obstruct anyone’s views of the garden behind, and it still looked great. I also pointed out that it matched the aesthetic of his backyard in general, as well as his home, since large windows and glass were a major stylistic choice for his house. The semi-framless glass pool fencing experts were then called to finalise everything, including the landscaping, and the rest is history. I’ll give you updates when the pool fence is done and installed.

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