Irrigation Would be Really Nice

Sure has been a while since my brothers forced me into the pipe system, so I should be grateful they gave me a break this long. Pa installed this thing under the farm himself, so naturally, there are blockages all the time and sometimes it gets mixed with the waste from the house. I’m the only one small enough to get down there and fix it…is what they say, although I’m a lot taller than when they used to say that, and I’m pretty sure it’s just my job now, forever.

Yeah, because there aren’t professionals that do this. No drain repair people here in Melbourne who can help us out, maybe recommend a system that means that I DON’T have to go crawling around in filth. But then, maybe I’ll add ‘drain repair person’ to the list of my growing career options. After the things I’ve seen in our makeshift sewer system, nothing bothers me. Nothing can ever bother me again.

Fortunately there are still parts I can still stand up in, which is only a problem when a cow accidentally finds itself stuck down there. It took me four hours to coax Maybelline out the last time she tripped and fell into that hole, and I’m about 99% percent sure that’s not something a regular drain cleaning and repair professional will ever have to deal with. Fortunately there weren’t any livestock down there this time, although I did find that the source of the problem was a build-up of hay that had long since become…well, not really good for anything. it was very soggy, clammy and I didn’t appreciate having to rake out handfuls of it. The rake didn’t work, I didn’t bring gloves…things got messy.

So yeah, seen it all. Cleared it all, sometimes with my bare hands. I could clean any drain in the city without flinching.

Although if I did go to work for a Melbourne based drain repair company, I wouldn’t mind being put in charge of the drain camera. Fascinating tech, and I’m as far away from the blockage as possible.

-Forrest Jacoby Jr. Jr.

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