It’s Not My Fault, Obviously

There’s a lot you can say about open wood fires, but mostly, I’d just like to say they suck. And Mum and Dad gave ME the job, obviously, because they want to do it. Adults can suck sometimes, as well.

Base facts: it rained a lot during that winter. It was cold, it got dark really fast, and I know that happens every year but right now we’re in the rental house, so it’s not like we can just rip the stupid log fire out of the wall and replace it with one that actually works. Like…an electric fire.

Oh, and I suppose it’s my fault that we now need to call in the pest control people in Berwick. Like, whatever. Termites aren’t THAT much of a problem. I just thought…why not bring in all the firewood and put it in the laundry? We don’t even use the laundry all that much, and it keeps it all dry. That old tin shed wasn’t keeping the rain off it, that was for sure. It was in the laundry for, like, TWO days at most, during which time it was so darn easy to light the fire. Any time we needed more, I’d just go to the laundry and remain in heated comfort.

So basically, we’ve traded a few days of MY continued comfort for a few days outside the house while the termite inspections are taking place. And we’re in a motor inn that happens to be heated, by the way, so…really, I think we’ve ended up on top here. At least now my parents know, in the new home that we are building at this very moment, that we need a proper fire, one with a switch. And when we move to Dandenong, termite control will be right round the corner. Not that we’ll need it, because…electric fire. Solves all our problems.


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