Kid Needs To Let Off Steam

Ah, the joys of travelling with a three year-old. You can’t sense my sarcasm from there, can you? Oh, you can? Well, that’d be because travelling with a three year-old is a ridiculous thing to do wrapped in a fiasco waiting to happen.

Alright, that was a bit on the negative side. But you have to understand that I didn’t sleep last night, because Clara was terrified of the curtains in our hotel room. In addition, Dave and I haven’t been able to go out for breakfast because Clara has been asleep (good for her). She’s just woken up now, at midday, and is raring to go. We need an activity that will put her energy to use, fast, so that my sister doesn’t get the brunt of it when Dave and I head out to our dinner and show bookings tonight.

I might take her to one of those giant novelty playgrounds – you know, an indoor play centre. Melbourne has those, right? I just want Clara to do something active in a completely secure environment, so I can zone out just a little with a magazine and a cuppa. In my experience, once she’s run up a few ladders and bounced down slides for an hour or two, she’s generally easier to manage.

I wonder if the social interaction factor that goes on at these playgrounds mellows her out a bit. We noticed this effect a year back when we were here, and took her to a kids party venue in Carrum Downs for her cousin’s 4th. She’s a very sociable kid, and I think she gets a bit bored of Dave and I – we can usually keep up with her, but sometimes she can be next level on the energy front .

Maybe we can drive over there and go to the same place – it seems that these kids party places are often open for casual play as well. At least we know that Clara liked that one last time, and isn’t going to freak out at their mascot or something.

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