Mum’s Golfing It Up

My mum’s big into golfing at the moment. She’s just loving it! She’s even plotting to start up a women’s golf club at the uni where she works as a lecturer in exercise science – I heard all about this plan over coffee this morning. Basically, it would involve setting up an area within the campus for golfers to drill their moves (hey, I don’t know the lingo yet), which would in turn require the installation of some golf driving nets.

Mum’s idea is to raise funds for the purchase these through some kind of activity that gets female students interested in playing golf. I suggested that she think about doing a pop-up minigolf course with female DJs and cocktails. That way, the new golf nets wouldn’t been necessary. She seems pretty into that concept; it’s just a matter of her having the time to put it together, which she doesn’t think will be on the cards any time soon.

I wonder if, in the meantime, she could get the club off the ground using the university sports centre’s custom baseball netting. As I recall, they dropped a bunch of money on that earlier in the year despite not having a baseball team, so maybe they wouldn’t mind putting it to use as a stand-in for the driving nets. I don’t know enough about either baseball or golf to say whether that’d work in practice. But the softball training nets I’ve seen look fairly similar to the driving nets that mum has shown me.

I’m happy that mum’s found something aside from academia that she’s into enough to want to start a club around it. She’s always been keen on getting women involved in team sports, but her sense of independence has generally kept her from getting deep into one particular team sport. She did get into cricket for a while, but never enough to want to purchase cricket netting! Golf is the perfect match for her, I reckon. Maybe I’ll volunteer to take charge of the fundraiser to help her get her club off the ground.

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