Muscles Need a Needling

Good party last night! I think I need a massage though as my back is aching. That’ll teach me to try and do a back-flip while standing on a tyre swing. Now, I remember that I was talking to that person about manual therapies… was she a massage therapist? No, that’s not it. I think she said she was a physio.

That’s right… she was on about this whole concept of trigger points, which I vaguely recall from that one time I went to a Pilates class. This person at the party – I think her name was Jenny, or Jemmy – was loudly weighing up the options for trigger point dry needling graduate courses.Sydney is pretty great for that kind of thing, as is Melbourne. I remember because she was doing so while balancing atop the centre pole of the clothesline.

Well, if whatever treatments Jemima is purveying can help me attain a sense of balance as developed as hers, I’m sold. I have a feeling that the dry needling is for addressing muscular tightness, though – like, the kind that comes with chronic musculoskeletal and orthopaedic conditions, and results pain that requires treatment. That’s not actually all that relevant to my needs right now.

Still, on days like today when I’m feeling a bit sorry for myself in the muscular department, it does seem worth filing away this kind of information for future reference. Jemilla was saying the reason she’s interested in the trigger point needling courses is that she’s seen them work wonders with clients receiving the treatment from other clinicians.

One day this holistic health puzzle will come together. A strength and conditioning class here, a discussion about dry needling there, a sprinkling of aromatherapy on the side and voila – no nagging aches and pains!

Alright, I get that that’s not how it works. The whole thing is an ongoing process of continual calibration. Falling off a tyre swing at 2am is just one example of a cause for upping one’s physical self-care regime to bring the picture back into balance.

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