My cool solution to a busted air conditioner

It had been a terribly hot weekend and I was really looking forward to going into work on Monday morning. I don’t have air conditioning at my house, but I manage to survive by taking cold baths and sleeping on the floor.  I simply hated the thought of having to use my brain in the heat, so doing nothing over the weekend was the only way to cope. It was Sunday night and I was showered, fed and tucked in bed. Everything was ready for the morning, for me to get up, get dressed and head off to work. I had some food at work and planned to get there nice and early so I could sit down and eat breakfast before I started my day.

To my absolute horror, I arrived at work to find the air conditioning system had broken down over night. I could not believe it. I contemplated turning around and driving home, I knew no work would get done that day. I didn’t want to sit in an office with no windows or air flow if the air conditioner was broken. I got inside the office and the receptionist told me that she had already arranged for someone to come and look at the air conditioning. Canberra can get disgusting hot in Summer with temperatures reaching into the high thirties.

I made my way slowly up to my office and sat down on the floor. The place was so hot my shirt was soaked with sweat in a matter of minutes. She told the team to sit tight and that the Canberra based air conditioning repair company should have it fixed within a couple of hours. The stale air nearly suffocating me as I moved from room to room. I sat down in the staff room and made myself some breakfast. When I opened the fridge door I was bathed in a wave of cold air. I decided that I was going to set up a tent around the fridge and do my work.

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