New Car, Guess I Should Learn How to Drive

Sometimes you’re just so tired, you buy a car. That’s how that works, apparently. I mean, I’d had a little bit to drink as well, and I vaguely remember Jarred daring me to do…something. And then Jenny was definitely the designated driver, because I distinctly (that is, ‘hazily’) remember her dropping me off at home, before…

Coming back again, in a different car. And now I’m looking at the new Ford Focus on my driveway, and the memories are all coming back. See, this is why you shouldn’t make huge decisions while you’re completely exhausted from work, and also, a little bit intoxicated. Thing is, I don’t even know how to drive…or much about cars, if I’m being honest. My parents were tent people, and we often used to visit the most popular car mechanic Ringwood car owners trust. My parents wanted to picket them for servicing tires, fixing brakes and generally contributing to the fall of the environment. Sounds crazy right?

I grew out of all of that, and nowadays I’m more than happy for auto mechanics to continue to do their own thing, but I still can’t drive. And it’s not like my parents ever taught me anything about how to deal with vehicles. They have steering wheels and you press the pedal to go; not exactly a wealth of information here. And Jarred said something about a gearstick? I’ve been in cars and I’ve seen people fiddling with that thing, but I never really thought about what it was for. Probably just something to reduce the stress of driving, maybe?

Well, I’m going to have to learn, because I can’t return this thing. I have to be a real car person, with the ability to reverse-parallel park, a proper set of driving gloves and participation in at least one high-speed chase. I guess I have to find a place that does great car servicing near Ringwood…and hope they don’t remember me. I’ve grown up and cast off those beliefs, so should be fine. Oh gosh, how and when do you talk to a mechanic??

-Moonbeam Jr.

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