Painting Tiger Colours

I’ve always wanted a house that reminds people of tigers, but I’ve had a big problem trying to settle on the colours. See, real tigers are usually orange and black, with bits of white. But here in Melbourne, we have a football team based on the majestic tiger, and their colours are yellow and black. Obviously, since I’m such a big fan of tigers, I’m a big fan of the Tigers as well. So, I don’t know whether to paint my walls orange or yellow. When the local painters come around to do the job, what paint colour should I tell them to use? I probably should have thought this through before contacting them and making a booking, but I didn’t for some reason.

For a while, I considered painting my walls like a pointer dog, since that’s my favourite breed, but then I realised pointers are black and white. Those are the colours (well, technically shades) of the Magpies, my most hated football team. Because of this, there’s no way I’m having black and white walls. Yellow and black for the win! It’s just a shame because I do really like pointers. Possibly even more than I like tigers. I have two pointers, but they won’t be getting a tribute to them in my house. No chance of that.

How can I possibly decide whether to do yellow or orange? What would look better outside? That’s where most of the painting is being done. I can’t believe that I spent so long looking for an exterior painter based in Melbourne, but I neglected to think about what I’d even get them to paint. I’m such a pumpkin head! Wait, that’s it! Pumpkin is the answer. Everyone loves pumpkins, so I should definitely choose orange walls. Then, when I get the interior painting done, I’ll choose yellow. For now, however, pumpkin orange is the way to go.

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