Plumbing Plans Ruined

I can’t believe Jane invited more people to our date. I mean, she didn’t seem to realise it was a date, so I can’t really blame her, but it still sucks. This was supposed to be the two of us going to a plumbing-themed escape room, but now I’ve got to convince all of our friends not to come. This is going to be a nightmare!

And to make matters worse, all our friends are mad that I didn’t invite them in the first place. If I want to fix things, I’m going to have to tell them all that I was just wanting to spend some alone time with Jane so that I could tell her how I feel. Is that too much to ask? Of course it is. I guess I’ll just be a regular drain plumber close to Melbourne forever, rather than a drain plumber with a girlfriend. Well, hopefully our friends all understand when I explain the situation to them, and they all agree to not come on Saturday.

I know that a plumbing themed escape room isn’t really the coolest idea for a first date, but I thought it would be a good opportunity to show off how clever I am. It’s one thing to be the guy who repaired all the blocked drains in the Northcote area, but it’s another entirely to be the guy who single-handedly solved the trickiest puzzles in an escape room. Jane would be so impressed if I could do that.

What will I do if I can’t convince everyone else to cancel their plans with us? I guess I’ll just put up with it and accept that this is a group activity. It’s not ideal, but I can always plan another potential date. If Jane keeps inviting people to our dates that she doesn’t know are dates, I may have to just accept that she’s not into me and move on.– Joe

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