Seasons Heatings

Classic Canberra: completely unpredictable weather that’s somehow perfectly aligned with the calendar’s seasonal markers. It’s not just me, is it? I swear the temperature dropped several notches as soon as the first of June ticked over, and yet there’s been some lovely sun in the late mornings.

Maybe I’m just fitting the evidence to the story here – I mean, perhaps the weather is like this everywhere. Regardless, it’s a timely reminder that I need to book a gas heating service. Canberra winter is neither the time nor the place for one’s heating to conk out, but what really motivates me is a tale my hairdresser told me about her cousin’s system having a carbon monoxide leak. Fortunately, no one died or was poisoned, but from what I’m told it could just as easily have been a legit disaster.

I feel like seasonal change is more apparent to me now than it was when I was a kid. Maybe it’s because I’m now responsible for things like making sure my family doesn’t get poisoned by our appliances. Honestly, between this and my recent discovery that the mice living behind the fridge might be liable to start a house fire, it’s a wonder we’re still alive. This grown up gig is no joke.

Then, come summer, I’m expected to remember that the air con unit needs its annual check-up, else I risk bringing on an asthma attack in my four year old. Perhaps we’d all be better off if we just moved to a place with a more temperate climate, like Hawaii. But then we’d be missing out on all the seasonal drama, heating bills and the best gas heater repairs Canberra has to offer, wouldn’t we?

Look, I really like living here. The amount of time and energy we spend trying to control the climate does make me wonder, sometimes, if it’s worth it. At least I can say that I feel increasingly connected to the cycles of nature.

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