Summer Daydreams… About Windows

Summer is approaching, and I’m starting to daydream about having time to spruce up my living space. Sounds mundane, but this is actually a rare treat. In annual increments, my house is gradually becoming an ever-more awesome place to be.

I think my project for this year is going to be to do with windows. Specifically, I want my studio – actually a converted sunroom – to be a bit less of a greenhouse in summer and an icebox in winter. One option for dealing with this that I’d like to explore is solar-blocking window tinting film. I’ve noticed that there are house window tinting companies in Melbourne that can install this. As well as blocking out UV rays, it’s somehow not that reflective, which means that I’d get to keep my awesome view of the sky and my garden.

The other thing I want to look into is whether there’s such thing as decorative window film installer in Melbourne. I’m interested in having a custom design made up for the window in my meditation nook, a small purpose-built outhouse that my husband made for me. It’s so cool! The only problem with it is that the neighbours cut down a tree in their yard shortly after it was built, which means that it’s now much more open to being peeped into by their nosy visitors.

I still want light to come through the window, but if I could sort of frost some of it over, I wouldn’t feel as much like I was being watched while I’m trying to tune in to the source. Custom window frosting is a thing, isn’t it? I’m picturing something like that but with a tree-like shape cut into it… or maybe a spiral. I swear I’ve seen stuff like this around, maybe in people’s bathrooms. It’ll be good to sit down and do a mad search to find exactly what I’m looking for.

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