The Perfect Venue For Observation

Remember that film ‘Signs’, with Melon Gibson and the cute little kids? Well there is some truth to it. I had an interesting case recently that was eerily similar to that film. A troubled parent contacted me and told me their child was saying some strange things about aliens trying to talk to them. Now it has been proven that the paranormal often target children because of their cerebral vulnerability. I had to stage an intervention where I could talk to the child without them being aware who I was. I research venues for hire, Melbourne is a family friendly place so there was plenty of choice. I wanted to arrange a kids event where I could observe the child and record any signs of paranormal interaction. It is really important when attempting to isolate a child-alien communication signal that the child in question not be aware of the suspicion. Once children believe they may actually be conversing with the paranormal they tend to get over excited and make up a lot of things.

I needed to keep this pure and so a children’s birthday party was the perfect idea. I would bring my own kids along and invite their school mates and those in the surrounding community. I found the perfect function room, Melbourne is a big city, it can be hard to pin down a good location. This was ideal, it was extremely versatile and wouldn’t blur any signals, big enough for a corporate event so definitely big enough for paranormal intervention. As well as the child not knowing they are being investigated it is also imperative that the aliens be kept in the dark, obviously. If they had any idea that we may be listening there is guaranteed to be radio silence. I have already begun cleaning out my listening tools in preparation for the big day. This could be a big breakthrough in my research.

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