The Renovator

They just keep making sequels to things that don’t need them, and people keep going…wait, why? There was the original Germinator, the classic sequel (alright, they’re not all bad) Exterminator (that was the one about when the robot quit his job and had to find purpose in his life), Germinator (it was a weird farming phase), Germinator: Infestation (the now-germinator had to deal with an infestation of locusts and other small pests that were eating the grain), and the infamous Germinator: Rent Assist, which was a two-hour-long courtroom drama about land ownership.

Now the series has been rebooted as Renovator, about…well, a renovator. To be more specific, a bathroom renovator. I’m not sure how I feel about it all. I do like the idea of bathroom renovations. I also like the idea of seeing someone draw up designs for a new bathroom in a montage sequence, and apparently that part of the movie is very well-directed. But is it straying too far from the original concept?

Feels like people are buying into real life more recently, with all these movies about kitchen renovation professionals and…painters. Maybe, as the property market becomes more harsh, and home ownership becomes harder and harder, millennial are wanting to see movies about people who HAVE kitchens to renovate. Like, that’s become an escapist fantasy, where before, it was a movie about a guy with a solid steady job as a terminator at a time with an unstable economy and…oh. It’s giving the audience what they want…sort of.

Nowadays, everyone wants a nice kitchen to renovate. They want to be making that golden call to the bathroom designers and getting kitchen updates and they want to feel so much like they own a place that they can just go ahead and change things up. It’s the next step above ownership. And that…is…I lost my train of thought, but it’s definitely something profound, to do with kitchen and/or bathroom design.


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