The Simple Joy of Pebble Aggregate

I feel really sorry for the people of Venice, sometimes. Actually, I have a regular cycle of people I feel for in that way; suppose the wheel just landed on Venice this week? Anyway, I was watching a documentary this week called ‘Venice: The Vanishing City’, and it was all about how the whole place is steadily collapsing into the water. They’re trying to save parts of it with modern architecture, but it’s not working so well. Even the place that AREN’T built in the water are still built on the banks, so…I’d better get there quick. Ideally for a honeymoon. Wink, wink.

And here’s us in Australia, a world away, thoroughly landlocked. I guess that’s fine if you want certain things: a garden, for example. Wide roads. Exposed aggregate driveways. Just imagine trying to put in one of those pretty driveways with all the pebbles, but all you’ve got is your front door and a narrow boardwalk. That’s pretty much impossible, actually. Although I suppose the people of Venice do have cute little piers, where they can stroll out of their front doors and conduct their morning commute on a personal gondola. Well, I assume that’s what they do…like how people here in Brisbane hop on the river ferry to get where they need to go.

I remember when dad had the crushed driveway put in, all those years ago. I also remember finding the sound of the pebbles beneath my shoes really satisfying, until Dad told me to get off his new driveway because I was disturbing the perfect formation of the pebbles. And then Mum and Dad drove on it every single day, which more or less did exactly the same thing, so…pretty annoying.

More of an aggregate fan, myself. It fits into my dream home idea that I’ve had for years: picket fence, home in Cranbourne, pebble-lined driveway topping, red wooden door, knocker in the shape of an alpaca, and then you go in and on the left…

Yeah, we could be here all day. Perhaps that little imaginary home tour is a tale for another day.

MuddyDuck xx

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