The Worst Blackout

We might be waiting a whole year-and-a-half for them to film the final season of ‘Fantasy’, but we’ve been getting mini episodes, and that’s almost better. The writing towards the end was…eh. Like, they’ve been devolving into a totally normal, stock-standard set of tropes about goody-good guys vs dastardly evil bad guys, plus large ice dragons (and one evil fire dragon). But these mini episodes are amazing so far. Tight little bits of writing and character work that give me so much nostalgia for the good old days.

Me and my friend have actually started making evening of when they release them, just like we did with standard episodes. Eight minutes gets us that hyped. Or it would, except last time we sat there in darkness while a commercial electrician worked away outside trying to restore power to the street. It really was the whole street, as well. Apparently there had been some vandalism to the…power box? I’m not an electrician, but it was an important thing, and it cut off power to the power lines, and the end result was some idiot ruining a perfectly awesome eight minutes of Fantasy. I mean, you can watch it online right after it airs, but…spoilers. A lot can happen in eight minutes.

So while the power lines were being repaired, or rewired, or whatever it actually was, we went out into the street and found that like 80% of people were out there as well. This is clearly a Fantasy-loving street, because we were all there for the same reason. Ended up having a big group discussion about how Derp-Cei was eventually going to be de-throned, and who would take power at the end of the series, like a big, real-life forum.

Eventually the best electricians in Cheltenham gave us back our electricity, bless their souls and the total opposite to the idiots who took it away, and we had to watch the episode online…eight minutes late. The horror, the terrible horror.


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