Things to know before cutting down a small tree

More people need to know that cutting down trees is extremely dangerous and is best left to a professional in tree removal. Melbourne has very strict rules about how close a tree can be to houses and power lines. If you wish to cut down a tree on your property by yourself you are going to need personal protective gear. Again it must be stressed that it is not at all recommended to cut down a large tree on your own.

Using an axe can be a good way to chop down smaller trees without the risk of using a chainsaw. You’re going to want to pay close attention to the area around the tree. It can be difficult to determine which way the tree will fall once the trunk has been cut through. It’s best to make sure the area surrounding the tree is clear on all sides just in case.

You’ll want to start by marking the spot from which you’ll cut. Begin by cutting a v shape into the tree as you swing your axe alternating between high and low cuts. Try and hit the same spots each time and don’t swing too high.

You’ll want to start on one side of the tree, then just before your V shape reaches the centre of the trunk switch to the other side and repeat. When the tree starts to fall make sure you stand clear. Remember to wear gloves, goggles, and a long sleeve shirt to protect your body. Never let children near the area where you are using the axe or close to the tree once cutting has begun. Having a friend to help keep on eye on the tree as you make you chops is a good idea.

If you need multiple trees cut down, it’s smart to leave it to Melbourne based tree removal company. There many dangers associated with cutting down trees that aren’t worth the risk. If in doubt you can always get in touch with you local tree surgeon and get their advice and a quote to have the work done professionally.

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