Tree Cutting For The Garden Competition

With the annual garden show coming up I knew I had to step up my game to reclaim the title from Betsy Pinehurst. I held the best garden title for 5 years before Betsy moved in and stole it from me with her over the top Palm trees and tacky pink roses. I wanted to be on top of things this year so I called in some help from the professionals. While hiring a professional gardener/landscaper would be breaking the rules, an arborist (otherwise known as a tree surgeon) is not mentioned on the list of banned services. I would simply start early with some tree pruning, Melbourne is beautiful in Spring but some of my larger trees get a little over excited and need some pruning. Nothing major, a trim if you will. Once the trees were looking good I could start planting in the surrounding beds and if my green calendar is right then when it comes to show time my backyard would be in full bloom.

When the arborist came to give me a quote he did a full inspection of the barks of all my trees. It seems a little fungus had started spreading and he suggested the problem could be solved with a little tree removal. Windsor garden competitions are far more than a way to keep the women busy, it is a staple of Melbourne suburb life and the winner is honoured with hosting the annual block garden party. If tree lopping is what I needed to win back my throne, then tree lopping is what I shall do. With a fabulous selection of modern tools the arborist efficiently and to my benefit, discreetly, lopped and pruned away! I was left with a magnificent canvas on which to detail with flowers and plants to my heart’s content. When Betsy inquired as to how my trees were looking quite so sleek I told her it was the luck of the seasons!

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