Ute toolboxes are set to be installed

We recently got new utes for the crew, and while they are certainly up to the challenges that come with working at the circus, they are still in need of a few upgrades. This is of course stock standard for the crew here; we like to outfit our operation with custom vehicles so that we are prepared for any situation that may arise. It’s part of what makes us so good at what we do.

The first thing that needs to get added is the ute toolbox kit that goes on the back of each aluminium tray. The reason for this is so that any tools we have (and the ground crew tend to accumulate a lot) have a place to stay that is secure, weatherproof, and still fits with the aesthetics of the ute. This is trickier than you might think, finding all of these qualities. This is why we always go to the same company whenever we have a new ute come into our possession. We want the best aluminium toolboxes Melbourne has to offer. Thankfully everyone here agrees that the workman is only ever as good as his tools.

The next thing we want to add to the utes, in a growing list of accessories, is more lockable ute toolboxes. Melbourne seems to be going through a period of theft on jobsites according to local news and you can never be too careful. This is actually a new addition as we never really had much use for them. The folk that we work with are all very trustworthy people. Most of the work we do is either in daylight, or near the big facilities with plenty of light. Since we changed our work schedule recently, we have had a need for custom lighting on the utes and trucks, and since we are upgrading the new vehicles, we might as well upgrade all of them. A few times the performers have asked if the utes can be used in the show.

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