We do ice skating?

I guess we do ice skating. No, wait, I’ve got the brief in the email somewhere…oh, okay. We’re working with ice skating companies as part of a broader teaching initiative that includes a number of different fields.

Wait, no, that’s worse! That means people could ring me up asking me how to ice skate and I have to find them an ice skating instructor. Or they could call me and ask for advice on pottery or…needlework. Wow, there’s quite a list of subjects, and I know nothing about any of them. I just know this is going to be like the time when we suddenly bought a company that did wrist supports and we had people from the country asking about the best product for a tennis injury. Oh, and management didn’t tell us about this company. Sound like fun?

I’m just supposed to answer calls, goodness…although ice skating is at least something I can chat about. My daughter Kira is currently getting ice skating lessons like a little pro. It’s mesmerizing watching her on dance on the ice like she’s done it her whole life, even though it’s only been two months. I think her teacher is…Yugoslavian? Either that or she is Russian. That sounds right, but also wrong somehow. In any case, she’s very strict but very competent. I’m happy to take Kira along, what with her learning so much, and improving her fitness. Oh, and also to watch the teacher! She’s an absolute marvel even when demonstrating the most basic moves.

So yep, really hoping people ring up and ask about ice skating lessons, and maybe private function rooms around Melbourne because there’s on in the place where I take Kira and sometimes I have a quick look through the doors. Always some nice food being served in there. I should consider it for a birthday party venue at some point.

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