When You Know You’ve Made It…

You know, some people are so rich that they could basically host a small economy on their property. Maybe that’s the ‘rich’ of the future. You won’t be held to any laws, except the ones you make yourself, because each person’s estate will be like a country unto itself with no outside influence. People will live and die on the grounds. There will be farmland, a functioning economy, a representative team at the Olympics…all the stuff that a country has.

I’m just saying, this job has me walking around the houses of a lot of affluent people and it’s quite surprising the types of things that you find. The last place I visited had a fully functioning medical centre, with a full-time doctor. The best medical tech, all of that jazz. Apparently, oxygen therapy in Melbourne is pretty big at the moment; they were moving one of those in. Funnily enough, that’s one of the things that surprised me the least. A doctor all for the exclusive use of your family is a ridiculously excessive investment, but I can see people having an oxygen chamber in the home. Not, like…everyone. But maybe if someone in your family has some health issues and you have a bit of space leftover, that might be an option. This place had ten of them all in a row, and that was still only one large room in their miniature hospital. Who needs that much oxygen? I mean, even if they were for the use of the staff, the porters, the gardener, the guests…that’s just a lot of oxygen chambers. Melbourne had that stuff already; ten chambers in one home is just…showing off.

Oh, yeah, sure. That’s probably it. We’re better than you, because look at all the oxygen therapy we’re getting! It’s so cutting edge! Yep, not sure how I didn’t see that.


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