Window Frosting Fun

Grrr! My boss at the gift shop has gone overseas again, and left me with some ridiculous tasks to attend to. I mean, I’m all for shouldering some responsibility. Making an Easter-themed window display I can do; no problem. But arranging to have the windows frosted in a custom seasonal design? That seems like something she should really take care of herself (I’m barely out of high school, for crying out loud).

Oh well; if she’s willing to let me take the reins on that, the I’m prepared to go to town with it, even though I have zero knowledge in the domain of decorative glass augmentation. I’ll just see what the internet has to say about it, I guess – commercial window frosting companies in Melbourne, come at me.

Well, would you look at that – it’s actually pretty straightforward. I’d have thought that it would be a massive operation involving removing the windows, having them etched or sandblasted or whatever and then replaced (with me attending to a windowless shop all the while). But it seems that the frosting design can be digitally printed onto an adhesive film, which can be installed directly onto the windows where they stand. Sweet!

That still leaves me with the task of determining what the design in question is going to look like. Let’s see… I don’t really buy into the whole commercial Easter thing with the eggs and bunnies (my argument: it’s seasonally inappropriate here). So maybe I’ll push a pagan woodland kind of theme – that’s a generally a pleasing look, whatever the season.

What would you like to see in your local stores’ decorative window glass designs, Melbourne? I’m open to any and all ideas – even if they’re entirely unrelated to Easter. You want me to try and work some vampire bats in? Good idea. Maybe you’d like to see some bicycling elves? You got it.

It’s lucky that I know how to work graphic design software! Let’s find out what these digitally printed window films can do.

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