Everything Must be Airtight

I think architectural research is going quite well. Many would simply think that building on the moon is the same as Earth, but it is not true. You have to account for lower gravity, and a less stable surface. Also, you can’t just stack bricks on top of each other and call it a day. What a thought! No, all buildings will have to be airtight. That’s going to be easy enough for our domes, but our glorious leader wants a palace, grander than any found on this planet, and I have been tasked with its design. A greater honour, there could not be.

The logistics are challenging, however. I’m thinking of using the same techniques as employed in the marine fabrication industry, as they share many attributes. Ships and boats must be airtight, to keep out the sea. Our domes and buildings must be airtight, to keep out the ocean of the stars. Basically, the same thing. It’s even more appropriate than you think, because we’re thinking of taking advantage of the lunar surface to create a transportation system…in the air. Much like those flying cars that we’ve been promised for years, except these will be more like ships that fly through the sky. Hence why I must look into marine fabrication, shipwrights, the building of cruise liners and plate alloy boats with their total coverage. Obviously if there is a leak in a boat, it can be quite a serious problem. A leak in one of our moon boats is a catastrophe, and a leak in the glorious leader’s great palace? Unacceptable. It cannot happen. It was mean the end of us all.

My research is pivotal. And I’ve certainly found out a lot about fishing rod holders made in Melbourne, and aluminium plate boats, but I can’t see that being useful in our new kingdom. Unless…there are breeds of moon fish that are yet undiscovered? Oh, we can only hope!

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