Exhaust rumbles










I can’t ignore this anymore. I’ve been hearing a loud rumbling noise coming from my car for the last four weeks! It’s honestly been getting worse by the day. I’ve ignored it this whole time because if there’s one thing I know about loud noises coming from a car is that they’re going to cost you money. If I didn’t know better I’d swear there was a monster growling from under the hood.

I was driving on the highway this morning and I had to pull over because the noise was that unbearable. I tried to find reasons behind the noise and ways to solve the problem, but nothing came up. The only thing any article had to say was to find the best mechanic in my area. Morayfield has heaps of mechanics, so that wasn’t going to be an issue. The issue for me was the unexpected bill that I was going to have to pay. Then again, this issue has been going on for close to a month so I guess it’s not that unexpected.

When I arrived at the garage I felt an array of mixed feelings. How do I even explain the issue to my mechanic? Am I supposed to replicate the noise? What if I don’t replicate the noise properly and he thinks there’s some other issue? He’ll most likely think I’m crazy if I’m in his garage trying to replicate gurgling noises. Luckily, the mechanic was prepared to listen patiently and tried to understand what I was saying. Within minutes of looking under the car, he confirmed that my car needs an exhaust repair. As much as I was relieved to hear that he found a problem, I was not looking forward to finding out the price. 

The exhaust service took a few hours, but I decided I might as well wait at the garage and reply to some emails. I paid the repair fee once everything was fixed. It actually wasn’t as expensive as I thought. The next time I drove my car I could really tell the difference. Total peace and quiet.

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