Sandra’s Car Lament

How long has it been since I felt the comfort of knowing I was well taken care of?  How many weeks have I wilted away in the garage? My suspension rusting, metal corroding and the very engine inside me crying out for a replacement car battery. I worry about the seasons trickling past in the … [Read more…]

Adelaide Car Arrival

Buckle up, race fans! We’ve reached the final stop of The Amazing Car Race: the Adelaide Arrival! Our very own Brian, the underdog turned top contender, rolls into the heart of Adelaide. However, in a heartbreaking twist, his beloved lemon sputters and stalls just shy of the finish line. Is this the end of the … [Read more…]

Exhaust rumbles

                  I can’t ignore this anymore. I’ve been hearing a loud rumbling noise coming from my car for the last four weeks! It’s honestly been getting worse by the day. I’ve ignored it this whole time because if there’s one thing I know about loud noises coming … [Read more…]

Get An Expert

My cell phone is running hot because all my friends have it in their heads that I’m some sort of car repairs expert. That was ONE TIME. My friend was having some trouble with her engine, and it was real basic stuff, so I just reached down in there and twisted a few things in … [Read more…]

Well Maintained Cars Are Key

The younger cousins have raised the valid issue that, when confronting an enemies, there are perhaps better ways to escape into the night than flying across the rooftops. That sort of thing worked really well when we were back in our home country, when all the rooftops were high and angled, perfect for leaping across … [Read more…]