Eye Need Renovations

The eye in Roger’s sink blinked up at him expectantly.

Roger only pressed a hand to his face, scratching away at the thick brown moustache he was so familiar with. For the first time in as many decades as he could count on one hand, he was actually surprised. Maybe it was his severe lack of new experiences that made him so calm in that instance. It was as though his body’s alarm system was still waking up from a midday nap, groggily opening its eyes and trying to figure out how long it had been out for.

The eye only watched him process it all. It swayed lightly in the air, suspended by the neon green tendril that it was attached to. With each sway came that mysterious groaning noise that had made Roger consider that the bathroom needed a repair and refurbishment in the first place. Like a dog shaking water out of its coat, Roger felt his heart finally stutter into action with an adamant beep. He turned on his heel away from the creature without a word, and his feet led him to the kitchen without a single thought. With a shaking hand, he picked up the phone book in the hopes of finding the best local bathroom renovation business Beaumaris had to offer. 

It needed to be done. Whatever that thing was hiding in his bathroom, it definitely wasn’t about to be his problem. Roger was a practical man with over six decades of life experience under his belt. He had had plenty of new experiences he had to navigate in his youth, and he certainly wasn’t going to pick up something as unknown as this when he was trying to retire in peace. His choices spread out before him under the kitchen light and he settled on the most familiar, logical one.

His first choice was to put the house on the market and move out immediately, but the repairs were only halfway finished with the sink’s plumbing. Confronting this new situation certainly wasn’t an option. That left one other choice. He would have to complete the bathroom renovations before selling. Sandringham had a burst in the real estate market recently and, with any luck, a more modern bathroom would let him get out of there as quickly as possible.

It was settled. He’d pick a company and avoid that room until it was done. It would be the plumbers’ and builders’ jobs to go in there. Trying to return to some state of normalcy and put the eye out of his mind, he picked up his coffee and toast he’d left on the counter a few minutes before his discovery. He raised the toast to his mouth, paused, glanced back at the bathroom, and with a final sigh placed the toast back on the plate. 

The whole thing had completely ruined his appetite.

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