Get An Expert

My cell phone is running hot because all my friends have it in their heads that I’m some sort of car repairs expert. That was ONE TIME. My friend was having some trouble with her engine, and it was real basic stuff, so I just reached down in there and twisted a few things in the engine. I grew up in a crowded suburb of Melbourne, cars everywhere, all of ‘em broken down, especially around my neighbourhood. I never much with them, but you don’t live there for years without learning a thing or two.

And now, it’s like everyone has gone and forgotten that car mechanics exist in the first place! Doesn’t help that they’ve all got themselves exotic cars. What the heck do I know about fixing an Audi? There’s a fine auto electrical mechanic near Bentleigh who can actually look at that with an expert’s eye. And my friend has been saying that she thinks the brakes in her Bentley are on the fritz, and maybe I could have a look? I don’t know a single thing about fixing breaks, and that’s serious stuff. If I bow to one request, I might as well bow to all of ‘em, and then suddenly it’s my fault when everyone starts spinning off the road and causing massive incidents as their engines fall to pieces on the freeway, or explode in rush-hour traffic. They think I want that guilt?

That’s a hard no from me. I think they all just afraid to go talk to a mechanic. Bunch of wimps, all of ‘em; they think it’s easier to just talk to a friend than bring their cars to someone they don’t know. And of course, they all think that cars run themselves 99% of the time anyway, and mechanics are some kinda ‘luxury’. Please, everyone…I will give you the numbers for some really good mechanics, and brake repair experts in Moorabbin if that’s what you want. Just don’t go hurting yourselves before the expo even starts!


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