Gnome Taxman

Oh, fudge. Oh, fiddlesticks. Oh, flipping fantastical flapjacks! I’m in so much trouble. This is no joke. No joke at all. I’ve just received a letter saying that my business is going to have the taxman come around to complete an audit. You don’t understand how bad this is. Have you seen the taxman in Gnome Town? This guy is big (a whopping four feet tall!), he’s ugly, and worst of all, he’s relentless. If there’s a single mistake in your documentation, he’ll see your entire staff jailed for fraud and take you to the local volcano himself, then kick you straight into the lava. This dude does not mess around.

Now, I’m reasonably confident that ever since we switched to Xero accounting integration, everything should be above board. The thing is, if one of my employees has made so much as a single typo that wasn’t corrected by my accounting team, we’re all royally screwed. How will we continue to make whimsical and slightly magical party supplies if we are all out on the street thanks to a wayward number or letter? Everything has to be absolutely perfect. We’ve only got a few days before the audit. Is it too late to get a small business tax accountant from the Melbourne area to travel here and help make sure everything is shipshape? I’ll have to get onto that immediately.

I heard a rumour the other day that one gnomish business had a misplaced comma in their books. Bobby Taxman (that’s his actual name) was in no laughing mood that day. He pulled out his signature flamethrower and burned the whole building down! This dude is a legitimate psycho. I’m not sure how he’s allowed to be a taxman, but I suppose it must have something to do with his unusual name. Just because someone is named Taxman, that does not mean you have to employ them as a taxman! I suppose his bosses are probably too scared to fire him, though. The police won’t do anything about it either. We’re on our own, so we had better make sure things are in order.

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