Kennel Has Plumbing!

You know how I said I’m always looking to make my dogs’ lives better? Well, I’ve thought of the next thing that I can do! I’m going to add plumbing! If you remember my last blog post, I was adding electricity to the kennel so that my dogs could see at night and have a heater on in winter if they needed it. I trained my dogs to be able to turn on and off the heater themselves, so that they were always comfortable during the night. I love my dogs, they’re so smart!

Because adding electricity was such a success, I’m going to the local hardware store near Sandringham today to see what they say about plumbing. I was thinking about adding a tap to the kennel which they could turn on themselves so that they could fill up their bowls or give themselves a wash whenever they want. The kennels are going to be fully self-sufficient homes by the end of my build/ renovation journey. It’s very cool.

But seriously, how good is the idea to add plumbing to the kennels? It would give my dogs so much freedom to choose what they want to do. I love the idea that they could just play with the water whenever they want. But for this to happen, I need to get some high-quality plumbing supplies close to Cheltenham. Now, it feels like deja vu me saying this again so soon, but I’ll be getting a plumber to do all the installations and whatnot. I mean, I could try to attempt to do it myself, but there’d either be no water at the end or water gushing out so fast that it causes minor flooding in my backyard. My dogs would love it, obviously, but that’d be an absolute nightmare for me.

Okay, I’m off to the hardware store now. How exciting! I could almost take out the title for the most spoiled dogs in the world.

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