Let Me Tell You About My Successful Cousin…

Procrastination seems to infect people around here. People arrive, all bright-eyed and enthusiastic, and then you give them a couple of months and they’re just like the rest of us. I was going to go to Japan at the end of last year, you know. I just put it off for so long that I felt bad about asking for time off, and then I spent my savings on a fridge, and that was that. Yes, I regret it, and no, I haven’t done anything about it.

It’s not like I can just say it’s an ‘us’ thing, either. My cousin Reggie is some big head person who wants to work in the marine welding industry. Not sure exactly WHAT he does – something to do with sourcing steel and making gigantic things. I’m sure he’s planning to make the marine welding industry a better place…whatever that means. Yep, just making the world better from behind his incredibly expensive mahogany desk, in his massive office that overlooks the sea, attended by an assistant who gets him coffee and probably snacks as well if he asks very nicely. I know, because I’ve been there once. The coffee was very nice, and it was a hot day so I was tempted to ask for a ice cream. I didn’t, though. Had a bit of restraint, and oh gosh just look at me. Rambling on about my cousin’s great success in revolutionising the marine stainless steel welding industry, while I really should be working. Not sure what I’m supposed to be working on. Haven’t read my email for today. But as I said, this is a place of procrastination. I could, at this very moment, be ordering some new stainless steel snapper racks for my specially-made fishing boat that i got from my contacts in the marine welding industry, like Reggie is probably doing. But fate…fate brought me here instead.


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