Office Gets A Garden

It’s true what they say: a café is judged by its garden. I’m certainly not going to pick up my coffee from a dingy, dismal-looking café when I can go to somewhere else with flowering bulbs and sunshine. Even if it’s a chain restaurant, I’ll choose on principle. That’s why I believe we need to really draw in the clients with better looking gardens. We’re part of a complex, and so this really does benefit everyone. It might go some of the way towards mending the rift between this office and the one downstairs. Not much, but some. They say lavender is supposed to be a calming influence.

I’ll need to get in contact with someone else who can in deal with a landscaping expert. I’m not letting this office sink into decline like how it was before I arrived. If the idea of garden landscaping even occurred to anyone before, it’s pretty obvious what would’ve happened. They would’ve called a distant cousin who maybe did some gardening twenty years ago. Cue some guy arriving in his rickety ute and generally making a mess of things. Then nobody would even notice, because of the immensely lax standards here. There was expired milk in the fridge for two months before anyone noticed. They might find it cumbersome that I’ve moved in and brought my own standards along with my patio roses.  That’s simply how the game works. We’ve all played this game, I just play it better.

I’m far too busy to do any of gardening myself, as much as it pains me to admit. I’m far too busy keeping this business afloat and really can’t afford to be wasting time on the garden. I’m quite the gardener at home, but this is my professional life. I’ll have to delegate someone to find us the perfect garden landscape solution. Can I afford to delegate? I suppose we’ll have to see.

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